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HEDL 2.1 - A brand-new version of the DSL for generating JPA-compliant persistence layers

Devboost is proud to announce the next major release of it's flagship product HEDL (Hibernate Entity Definition Language). With more than 15.000 downloads over the last 6 months, HEDL has received enormous attention by the Java community and became one of the fastest growing software solutions for automatic generation of fully consistent, functional, and tested JPA-based persistence layers.

HEDL helps you and your organization to save development time and money. The average LOC ratio between HEDL and Java is 1:100, which means for each line written in HEDL an average of 100 lines of Java code is generated. Stop writing boilerplate, concentrate on the important parts of software development!

Speed up Development. Increase Quality. Save Development Costs. These are the essential benefits HEDL brings to your development projects. The latest HEDL 2.1 release comes along with a series of long awaited features and major improvements:
  • Easier usage of generated HEDL code in managed environments (e.g., application servers)
  • New code generators that produce even more convenient access methods for entities
  • Extended checking of HEDL models, enhanced documentation and examples
  • Experimental support for importing existing database schemata

Check out our brand-new HEDL Website or visit the Eclipse Marketplace to download your 30 days free trial right now.

PS: HEDL is free for open-source projects and academic purposes.