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Our point of view.

One can endlessly debate about the best way to develop software. It starts with controversial discussions about operating systems and programming languages, continues with disputes about the right development processes and ends with questions of principle about where to place a space or tabulator character. Developers love these discussions, and in many cases they are necessary and useful. Although we share this joy in technical debates at DevBoost, we are convinced that software development is much more.

Software is made for humans - for a single reason: Software should help and support us by taking over tedious and tiresome tasks. Unfortunately, few people would approve the statement that software simplifies their life. We at DevBoost believe that this needs to be changed. We are convinced that software needs to comply to highest quality standards.

Without sufficient measurements, a product can not adhere to high customer demands. The more effective these measurements are designed, the less costs are produced. Software, being a virtual property, offers enormous advantages here. Software can be automatically checked, tested and validated - as many times as necessary. Ensuring quality is a question of process, not a question of effort. With the right tools and a clear view of what is necessary, software becomes better with every change, not worse.

If you share this perspective, or if you would like to become convinced of it, contact the team at DevBoost and we talk about the possibilities.

From researchers to company's founders.

Between 2007 and 2011, we, the four founders, Florian Heidenreich, Jendrik Johannes, Mirko Seifert and Christian Wende, studied and worked together to earn our doctorates at TU Dresden, under the supervision of the Chair of Software Technology, Professor Dr. Uwe Aßmann. Our research focused on the areas of modelling, meta-modelling, component-based software development, language design, software modernisation and software development tools.

Our joint work involved the design and development of a number of open source tools (EMFText, JaMoPP, Reuseware, FeatureMapper) for increasing efficiency and quality in software development. These tools incorporated results of multiple national and international research projects (MODELPLEX, MOST, FeasiPle, HyperAdapt, SuReal and REWERSE). Today, the user base of these tools includes a number of international companies and research institutes.

Before and after our time at TU Dresden, we have been working in the IT industry. During this time, the relevance of our tools and research results for industrial practice became apparent.

An EXIST grant for founders issued by the German government and the European Union, set the foundation for DevBoost. The company DevBoost GmbH, founded in January 2012 in Berlin, offers analysis, consulting and coaching services for software development companies to improve the quality and efficiency of their development processes. This is backed by the continuous development of tools for software developers.

Dr. Christian Wende
Christian studied computer science at TU Dresden. As a student, he worked for SAP Research and as consultant for IT companies in Dresden. After that, Christian earned his doctoral degree at the Chair of Software Technology at TU Dresden. In his dissertation he investigated new methods for developing modelling and programming languages as product lines. His dissertation was rewarded summa cum laude. Christian is member of the development teams of the open source tools EMFText, JaMoPP, Dresden OCL and FeatureMapper.
Dr. Mirko Seifert
Mirko studied computer science at TU Dresden. During his studies, he realised software projects for different customers (e.g., Siemens AG) as independent developer. Afterwards, he worked as software developer for 3m5. Media GmbH and realised projects for customers such as Commerzbank, ZDF or Ravensburger AG. After that, Mirko earned his doctoral degree, which was rewarded summa cum laude, on the topic of software evolution. Mirko received multiple awards (sd&m Sonderpreis and Springer Best Paper Award MODELS 2010). He is a member of the development teams of the open source tools EMFText, JaMoPP and Refactory. Before DevBoost, Mirko was working as an independent consultant.
Florian Heidenreich
Florian studied computer science at TU Dresden. Afterwards, he worked as a research assistant in the Software Technology Group of the TU Dresden, where he took part in teaching students and in different research projects. Before co-founding DevBoost, he worked as a indie developer. Florian is participating in the development of the open-source tools EMFText, JaMoPP, and FeatureMapper and is the developer of the well-known Freeware program Mp3tag.
Growing with DevBoost.

DevBoost is a young company that will grow. To succeed in doing so, we need talented people and maybe you are one of them?

If you find joy in developing software, share our philosophy and want to make a difference with your work, DevBoost is the place for you. If you want make software better and if you want to be efficient in that process, DevBoost might be your new employer.

We offer you the possibilities to work flexibly in a team together with colleagues to whom software is close to their hearts. At DevBoost, you use innovative technology on a daily basis and influence the ideas of the days after tomorrow. Here at DevBoost, you are not one of many, but part of a special endeavour and its success.

Ideally, you have earned a relevant graduate degree or are in the process of earning one. Similar qualifications and experiences are also welcome. We look forward to receiving your electronic application.

You are looking for a company supporting your diploma, master or bachelor thesis? We offer an exciting range of topics and support you with our experience.

Location Dresden

Your local contact in Dresden is Dr. Christian Wende.

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